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Energy-Efficient Means Low Operating Costs

Our LEDs achieve high-intensity photon flux while gaining up to 70% energy-savings versus traditional HID lighting. This reduced electrical usage means savings of up to 70% in operating costs, rewarding your investment for years to come. New build sites will also see lower infrastructure costs through reduced electrical requirements due to LumiGrow fixtures’ low power consumption.

Adjustable Spectrum Enabled

When LumiGrow LEDs are synced to smartPAR, growers can adjust the ratios of red, blue, and white light emitted from their fixtures. Different light ratios can be used to direct plant growth and to elicit desired plant characteristics. Use red light to promote elongation and stimulate flowering, and use blue light to promote root formation, pigment production, and curtail stem elongation.

Spectral Science Being Used the World Over

The science of using light to direct plant growth is a practice being used by commercial leaders and major researchers across the globe. The smartPAR Wireless Control System is the preferred spectral science tool for commercial growers and researchers wanting to adjust light spectra for plant growth. LumiGrow fixtures can be used with smartPAR to achieve better control over growth rate, to improve color and quality, promote flowering, direct plant morphology, affect flavor and nutrition, and to fight plant disease.

Getting Started With smartPAR

When you order smartPAR, LumiGrow ships you smartPAR wi-fi modules for all of your LumiGrow fixtures. Our integration specialist then visits you on-site to install the smartPAR network. Once your network is installed, you can begin utilizing smart lighting strategies from your phone, tablet or computer!

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